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We are grateful for your interest in Powel Medical Hair Transplantation. We are a top Florida hair transplant clinic and have helped thousands of people just like you to get hair transplant information. We are looking forward to meeting you and starting your hair restoration journey.

Dr. Powell use only the most advanced and relevant hair transplant methods. We take great pride in being able to help you with the process of reclaiming natural hair.

Our spacious and comfortable office has more space for patients and their families that any other in Miami or the surrounding areas. The extra space allows for more medical staff, which results in better quality procedures.

As you might wish to keep your identity anonymous, we won’t ask for your full name. An actual physician, not an assistant or salesman, will reach out to you via email address to answer any questions and make recommendations. You are then free to decide whether you want to book a procedure or visit the doctor for a consultation. You have complete control.



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